Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Bailey

It's almost midnight which means my baby girl's birthday will officially be over and I'll be back to my diet. I definitely did exactly what I didn't want to do. My hubby left this morning to go get a car part for my sister-in-law's car and came back with a present for Bailey, hamburger meat, chips (my favorite kind in the world), cheddar bacon cheese slices...ugh, it was a fat girl's paradise. I made Bailey her very first princess barbie cake...she loved it, and it just happened to be my favorite, strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting (her pick too :). Then to top it off, I had another brownie that I made yesterday with chocolate brownie frosting. How's that for a fat girl. LOL Oh well, no more, I'm going to go back on my diet and stick to it as best as I can. (It will be tough right now, especially since we've spent everything we have and some of our bills aren't even paid no money to buy food). I guess this is where Faith in God comes into play...big time. God, please provide as only you can.

I try not to worry (because that leads to emotional eating), but I just have to say, my mom comes into town on Saturday and I have no clue where the gas money is going to come from in order to drive all the way to LA to pick her up and get her back here. Chris doesn't get paid til next Thursday, and unfortunately, it's already spent (we have to catch up on the bills and then pay our rent). I know that the Lord will provide, I just don't care for the waiting part. :)

Well, here's to one of the last days of eating like a fat girl. :) I'm looking UP and looking through skinny glasses. Back to healthy eating tomorrow. Night all!


  1. Jocelyn,
    God will provide. I read that post and felt as if I was reading my own a few months back. We were not able to get groceries for 6 weeks!!! None!! God truly did provide.. and an abundant amount. Eat what you have, don't stress about what it is.. just eat LESS. That way too, you save some more for the girls or Chris. I noticed now that I am on a diet.. we don't eat half as much bread.. which means I was eating half of the bread ALL BY MYSELF!! I love bread!! So now we always have some in the freezer, and it's amazing!! lol I will be praying with you. Love you! PS what time does your Mom's flight come in?? We are going to Disneyland for my birthday.. we could pick her up on the way home if her flight lands around 9pm...

  2. you are too sweet. I know the Lord will provide...sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. My mom's flight comes in at 7:30pm, so close. :) You're too sweet to try and figure out a way, but we'll be okay. Chris said we should be able to get up there and back with what's in the bank...we'll just have to wait to pay bills. It's all good. :) Thanks again. You're the best!