Saturday, September 18, 2010

When Faith is all there is

So, as I sit here, scrubbing the nail polish out of my carpet, recalling the incident that has just happened, I listen to my little girl singing "Jesus Love Me" and thanking God that she wasn't seriously injured. She hasn't quite learned that her Aunt Amanda's things are off limits. She was only playing with nail polish, but then she got it open, as she came out screaming, her daddy and I saw that she was rubbing her eye and it was all over her. I couldn't grab the bottle quick enough to get it away from her, then immediately grabbed her and sitting on the floor with her in my lap, I started flushing her eye listening to the blood curdling screams of my little girl. I just sat there and prayed that the Lord would spare her sight. I couldn't imagine that through carelessness (mine because I didn't keep a better eye on her), my little girl might be scarred for life. She seems completely fine, content playing and giggling as if nothing happened. Recalling all of this, makes me realize just how fragile life is. Even 1 small thing can cause your whole world to crumble at your feet. It's during these times of reflection that I realize just how important my health is to my family. I have to get healthy because my family needs me. My husband is teh bread winner of the family, he works 2 jobs to supply for the family. We've just added another mouth to feed when my sister-in-law moved in to go to school, but there has been no extra income to supplement for the extra mouth. The Lord is still good though, He knows what He's doing. It's best if I don't question that. I said all of that to simply say that I'm not so sure how eating healthy is going to happen with little to no money for food on a monthly basis. But, I have learned from Dawne, in "Eating Less and Moving More", that it's more about eating less and making sure you exercise more. I think I will take on this philosophy until things get a little better for us. :) Until next time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting all over

Okay, so with the impending doom of weigh-in looming over my head, I've got to get back on track. Loved having my mom here and miss her like crazy, but it's time to get my feet back on the ground my head out of the clouds. I started back on eating healthier this morning. I had a bowl of multi-grain cheerios for breakfast and my usual detox of a granny smith apple and hot water with lime juice. Then, I made eggs for Bailey and Chris and I ate the tiniest piece (to make sure they tasted okay). Then for lunch, I had a ham and cheese sandwich on wheat bread with 1/2 Tbsp of mayo and exactly 11 chips (my favorite, sour cream and cheddar). So here's the low down for the day so far.

1 cup multi-grain cheerios - 110 calories
1/2 cup 2% milk - 70 calories
1 GS apple - 80 calories
1 cup hot water with lime juice - 0 calories
tiny piece of egg - 5 calories
2 slices wheat bread - 140 calories
1 slice of ham - 40 calories
1 slice of cheese - 70 calories
1/2 Tbsp mayo - 45 calories
11 chips - 160 calories

running total thus far = 720 calories.

I really need to stop drinking the diet sodas and get back to drinking more water, but we bought equal amounts of regular and diet sodas while mom was here, and of course, there are still 4 cases of diet soda. It's so much easier to grab a can and pop it open then it is to grab a glass, put ice in the glass, pull the water out of the fridge, pour the water into the glass, put the water back, then worry that the girls will spill it because it's wide open. I need to get over it and just do it. :) Well, here's to the rest of the day...I'm really hungry, so watching what I eat has already been a struggle for me today. Just hoping I can choose healthy snacks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bad time to start a blog.

Okay, so I'll tell you that it's not a good time to start a blog when you're having company. I started my blog right after my in-laws left and right before my mom came into town for 2 weeks. Both, in and of themselves, not bad things, but right after my in-laws left, we had no money to buy groceries (healthy foods), and when my mother got here, she likes to spoil us rotten because we live so far away and she only gets once or twice a year to do this for us. So, I haven't been eating all, and I have weigh in don't want to see what I've gained. I've probably gained back everything, plus some, but I will step on the scale with my head held high and see where I need to make corrections. I think we'll eat a few more "comfort foods" and then bad to the healthy stuff. I have to have my fried pickles and jalapenos while my mom is in town, so once I get that, I'll do better. LOL Vallarta has a great sale on their apples for tomorrow only. You can get washington red apples or granny smith apples 3 pounds for $1.00, so we're gonna go buy them out. LOL Anyway, just thought I'd update since it's been a few days. Hope to have good news tonight, but not expecting anything great. :)