Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Book Review...By Your Side

I love what I do. I love receiving books to read, whether it's for proofreading, or whether it's for a review, reading is one of my most favorite past times. I'll read just about anything, I love a good mystery novel, a suspenseful, get you on the edge of your seat kind of book, but my favorites are those that have a little bit of everything...especially if it includes a look into the lives of medical staff. I'm a sucker for romance...especially non-raunchy, Christ-honoring romance. I saw the ending Of this book almost before the book even started, but it was fun to read through the pages and watch the relationship develop one catastrophe at a time. I received this book from tyndale publishers to review, and I'm so glad. I've never read anything from Candace Calvert before, but found out that she has done other series before. I will definitely become an avid Calvert reader. The romantic in me loves a great Christian romance, but the former medic in me enjoys medical suspense. To say I thoroughly enjoyed this book could never fully express how good it was. I can't wait to see what's next. Great book.

One sentence storybooks - a book review

Today I'm reviewing a series of children's one sentence storybooks published by Tyndale kids. This is also published by Focus on the Family. I was given a small little box of 10 different Bible stories for my girls (ages 6, 5, 3, and 1) to look at/play with in order for me to review them. I looked over these Books when they came in, and they were a bit repetitive and seemd silly to me. The only one of my girls that can actually read, already reads on a 4th grade level, so I really didn't know how these little books would go over. My girls can't read them, but they enjoy looking at the pictures and making up their own story. if I'm completely honest, I can't stand to read these books to my girls, because it is the same words over and over again. When you think of what these little books are though, they truly are one sentence, spilt into 4 pages of words and pictures. One time through each book and I'm good to go, no need to read these over and over again. I would give these little books a 2 out 5 stars because my girls do enjoy them. I tried to post a picture, but can't seem to figure out that part of it.