Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Well, I did it!!! I made it to my first small goal. Not the healthiest way of losing weight (not eating for days at a time), but it's done, 249.8. GOODBYE 250!!! You're NOT welcome in this body EVER AGAIN!!! I know, I probably shouldn't rejoice until I'm a little further from that number, but I'm going to rejoice tonight and do my best not to eat like a fat girl when I'm finally feeling better. Right now, where I currently sit, I face a scary possibility. I thought that my final Cesarean birth would be my last surgery on my "stomach", but if the results come back from all the tests they're currently running on me and it points to gallstones, the Dr. said it'd be back to surgery for me. I know, the gallstones surgery is easy peasy compared to a cesarean section, but anytime they put you under, it's a scary thing. So, I'm kinda praying it's an ulcer...of course, if it's an ulcer, than that means I'll most likely be in pain for a while before I get better. There's only so much they can do for an ulcer, and it's a slow process, so at least with the gallstones it's a "quick" surgery and then it's done. I don't know which would be easier or better...then again, it could be something completely different. I'm not a big fan of the waiting game, but unfortunately, that's where I'm stuck. I'm sitting here in pain tonight praying that it's one of the last nights for this...and with that, This post is done!!! VICTORY!!!! Relishing in it tonight!


  1. Well definitely rejoice in all the small things that are completed in this journey of weight loss. All your past symptoms totally sounded as if it were gallstones. Now, for sure this is the time to REALLY ensure you are taken care of. Personally, the surgery was no easy peasy. My gallbladder had perforated, I entered into early liver failure(scary), and worse Cirrhosis. I went from ok one day to horrible bad the next. If you can pick your surgeon, I have a great one! I am praying for you! It took me many, many, many months to get my color back. Love you! You let me know if I can help with anything!

  2. Congrats on leaving that number behind. I love working in small 10 pound makes it seem doable! So happy for for VICTORY!