Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Why?!?! Why does it seem that when I finally hit my stride and get into a good rhythm for working out, eating right and losing weight, something always seems to sabotage me? It seemed that in times past, I would start doing well and then I would get pregnant...well, that's not possible now. I've had my tubes tied...no more babies for us unless it's an act of God. So, I figured, I'm in the clear, I can lose weight, throw caution to the wind and just do what needs to be done, there's nothing stopping me now...WAM!!!! Health issues (insert a rolling of the eyes, a big sigh, and a HUGE frowny face). Last week, about a week and half now if we're being technical, I got sick (or at least I thought I was sick). Thought I had caught a bug, was having trouble keeping things down, my stomach was achy and crampy. Fast forward a week and half and 2 pregnancy tests later (I was desperate to figure out what was wrong...and yes, they were both negative), here I am, still sick...only it's gotten worse. I can't eat anything...ANYTHING!!! That's like a death sentence to a fat girl!!! (Note all the exclamation points, LOL) When I eat (no matter how little or how much) my stomach begins to hurt like it's about to explode from my belly button. Anything I eat feels like it's stuck behind my chest wall making sure to stay very close to my trachea so that it can come back up whenever it feels like it. Somedays I throw up, other days I barely keep it down. So today, I've eaten a granola bar for breakfast, a small bag of chips for lunch, a small bag of chips for a snack (Hey...don't judge...it's what I know will stay down and won't hurt my stomach too much) and I was actually doing pretty good. I had minimal pain with each of those food, but it was pain I could handle, manage, and still function and get stuff done...then I decided to actually eat dinner. BAD IDEA!!! I made my favorite for dinner, baked ziti...such yumminess in a 9x13 casserole dish. I ate a small portion, because I didn't want to push it, (ok...I didn't even have a plate, I ate the small amounts left on each of the girls' plates...so not much). Well, that small amount left me doubled over for the next hour and a half, almost in tears. So, I was going to go to the doctor tomorrow (and I really do think that I still am), but here is an excerpt from a conversation between me and my husband this afternoon. Me: "I called the doctor and there are no available appointments tomorrow, so I have to call back tomorrow to see if they can get me in with another doctor." Chris: "Do you think you could wait until we get back from Marriage Retreat?" Me: "I guess I can try...just kinda wanted to enjoy marriage retreat and not be in pain the whole time." Chris: "Well, I'm just kinda worried, knowing your luck, you'll end up in the hospital with something serious, and we won't get to go to the marriage retreat." Thank you Honey...I feel so lucky to have you worry about me so much! LOL. Well, after tonight's episode, I might just break down and go tomorrow anyway. I can only take so much pain...then again, maybe the "Pink Stuff" and I will become Best Buddies for the next few days! :) To Be Continued....

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